This is where bands will find contacts around the United States to stay. These people will let bands stay at their home, take showers, and possibly do laundry if needed. We here at Asgard know the smaller bands touring need that little extra help. We are here to provide contacts so that bands won't have to stay in their vans or pay for hotels. 

Asgard Connect

If you would like to be a place of lodging for bands, please send in your information to us. Include your name, contact information, city and state. This is the way each band knows who to contact when they tour through your area. 

Jim Harwood - Portage, IN 


Stephanie - 11223 Old Military Lane

                     Harrisburg, AR 72432


Kelly Frazier - 8612 Mascot Rd.

                           Knoxville, TN


Sheri Engstrom - 613 W. 94th Ct.

                                 Crown Point, IN


Rob Conn - Texas

Jen Llerena - California 



Terry Hurt - Sorerville, TN

                        1341 Dolly Partin Parkyway

                        Sorervill, TN


John Partipilo - Crystal Lake, IL


Chanel Jesmer - Longmount, CO