The Asgard Media team specializes in providing content-rich radio shows, interviews, photographic coverage of musicians in action, and weekly music video shows so you can rock to some of your favorite bands and some new music we love to share.

Asgard Radio

Asgard Radio strives to play today's best rock, metal, progressive, and alternative music - all while featuring the music of local and independent artists. We accept submissions of independent music through our "Contact Us" page, or via email at 

Asgard Press

Our team of photographers and interviews cover everything from the local garage band to the biggest shows and festivals in the business. You can find samples of our work on our "Shows" page, or on our Flickr profile. Our interviews are hosted on YouTube, and featured on our Home page. And don't forget to follow us on Instagram for some of our best photo and interview highlights!


Our team compiles hour-long episodes of the latest way to rock your face off with our Asgard Music Video Channel on YouTube! Each week, you can view the latest music videos from your favorite bands, with some of our new local finds thrown in, too. 

We're excited to share some of the best music in the business with you each week, and are always open to recommendations on our social media channels!


Traveling independent artists often end up crashing in bad motels, a bus, or a van  - every now and then, wouldn't it be nice to crash at home?

With the Asgard Connect app, we put bands in touch with friends and family of the Asgard team and listeners who are willing and able to host a few folks for a night. Provide them with some conversation, a nice hot shower, a bed, and maybe some coffee or breakfast before they hit the road again. If you're a band or a fan - download it today!

DJ Schedule

Sunday: Miss Shockwave 10:30 am EST USA
Monday: Mr. Dick 8am EST USA
                April After Dark 11 pm EST USA
Tuesday: Miss Shock Wave 7 am EST USA
                 Slider 6pm EST USA
                Progressive Power Hour 9pm EST USA
Wednesday: Miss Shockwave 7am EST USA
                      Slider 6pm EST USA
                      April After Dark 9pm EST USA
Thursday: Miss Shockwave 7am EST USA
                  Slider 6pm EST USA
                  Doc Metal W/ The Real Munson 8pm EST
Friday: Slider New To You 6pm EST USA
Saturday: The India Asylum 1pm EST USA

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In our basic plan, at $30 per month, we'll host your logo on our home page. But upgrade to the premium plan for only $50 per month, and we'll host your logo plus have one of our local DJs shoutout your business on Asgard Radio each week. Don't forget to purchase our $10 per month add-on, and all of our DJs will give you some love on-air on Asgard Radio. So try it out today - click to the right to sign up!

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